meet your mentors

Mentors/investors' bios

Founders and CEOs from China leading tech innovators and investors as well as some of the most respected/successful companies in the United States of America.

be the surprising stars

Who should attend?

Those involved in: biotech/pharmaceutical; communication; e-commerce; entertainment; green tech; web & mobile applications. 

compete with your peers

Competition requirements

  • companies in business 1-3 years
  • having early stage investment (under $500,000)
  • a team of key members working at the company
  • looking for its next round of investment ($2 million-$4 million).

Niu Wenwen, President

and Founder. Founder Media.  Previously, he served as Editor-

in-Chief of China

Entrepreneur Magazine

for 9 years; was awarded China News Prizes for three times in two consecutive years.

  An opportunity to access Capital

The Dark Horse Competition


Founder's The Dark Horse Competition allows American startup companies to compete with Chinese counterparts one-on-one to pitch their business ideas in hopes of obtaining the opportunity to access China capital and the China market. The daylong conference will also provide opportunities to network with potential

China joint-venture partners, local mentors and investors.

Friday June 13, 2014

Plup and play Tech Center

The Founder magazine  is one of the most influential business publications in China and popular on social media platforms. Its blog (weibo) has more than 3 million followers. It also has 1 million followers at Wechat.

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Friday, June 13, 2014


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Two prizes of $5,000