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The Dark Horse Competition The Dark Horse Competition, created by Beijing-based Founder Media, is one of China’s top business competitions. Its purpose is to inspire innovation and foster startup and fast-growing companies. It’s a platform for entrepreneurship for companies to grow, go for their dream and seek investment from some of the top people in China’s investment banking community. The up-and-coming entrepreneurs that participate also get the opportunity to network among their peers during the day. Innovative, persist, passionate, breaking through and making dreams come true are the hallmark characteristics of the Dark Horse Competition.

Among Dark Horse’s achievements in its 6 editions since its 2010 debut:

  • 5,000 attendees
  • 700 investors/fund companies
  • 400 entrepreneurs participated in the competition
  • 200 of these 400 entrepreneurs eventually obtained investment
  • as of today, total raised fund for startup companies is  $160 million

It has become one of the top three most effective business accelerators, China’s No. 1 stage for future business leaders. Dark Horse Competition includes sponsorships from international corporations such as, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Chrysler, Hisense, Intel and Red Bull.

The Dark Horse Competition History

Founder Media’s investors include Shanda Interactive, a pioneer in China’s online game industry. It focuses on a number of areas in its businesses for its core customers in the startup space, including: mentoring; innovation; editorial, incubating; training; financing; networking events and investing. Its various business vehicles and programs include: The Founder magazine; Dark Horse Competition; Dark Horse Boot Camp; Dark Horse Chamber; Dark Horse Fund and Founders Private Club. 3,The Founder magazine is one of the most influential business publications in China and popular on social media platforms. Its blog (weibo) has more than 3 million followers. It also has 1 million followers at Wechat.

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The Dark Horse Competition

Mr. Wenwen Niu is the Publisher and creator of 'The Founder' magazine since 2008 and a Professional Industry Commentator. Mr. Niu served as the Editor-in-Chief of China Entrepreneur Magazine from 1999 to 2008. Mr. Niu joined Economic Daily Group in 1991 and was awarded "China News Prize" for three times in two consecutive years. He has been a Director of Hurray! Holding Co. Ltd. and Ku6 Media Co., Ltd., since July 31, 2009. Mr. Niu was as a Member of the jury of "Top 10 Economic Leaders" of China Central Television ("CCTV"). 

“Founder Media is excited to bring its successful Dark Horse Competition conference and contest to the United States for the first time this June. We look forward to an exciting day in Silicon Valley that will foster great dialogue among the tech community and attendees, provide thoughtful speeches and panels, and an exciting competition,” said Wen Wen Niu, president and founder, Founder Media.

Stacy Sun, President and CEO of Pansun’s ( ); a direct retail apparel company that offers high-in men’s lines primarily in boutique market since 2008. Prior to Pansuns, she was the founder of Asia Pacific-USA Chamber of Commerce that was widely recognized as a highly successful business platform in US-China business community. Since February 2014, she outgrew Pansuns business from a US based apparel company to an international direct retailer and become joint venture partner (the exclusive buying agency) with Intime Retail Group Company Ltd (1833.HK) – a China based retailer with operation of 42 shopping centers and department stores; its retail sales stays as China top 3 nationwide. She is also a business consultant for DreamWorks Retail, her responsibility is to identify real estate developer partner in China to build DreamWorks Shopping Centers. In addition, she is the US business consultant for The Founder’s magazine-China based premier business publication. She is in charge of producing The Dark Horse Competition 2014 in Silicon Valley.


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