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Alfred Mandel has been an entrepreneur since his teens and has over thirty years experience in technology businesses, notably at Apple Computer and Redgate Communications. Mr. Mandel has extensive experience in business development, sales and marketing and early stage investing. He knows how to build exceptional teams that create outstanding companies and can motivate others to succeed. His goal is to build value for his ventures, their investors and employees. As a Silicon Valley veteran, Mr. Mandel enjoys valuable relationships with many business leaders and venture capitalists. Known as a “company builder”, Mr. Mandel was an early participant in the growth of the Internet and has advised and invested in many Internet, and Internet related, ventures including: Ask Inc, Google, MetaLINCS, N8 Systems, Starlight Systems, NextBio, PowerSet, Funny or Die, NaviTel Corp., XOS Digital Technologies, Ooma, Inc., BidFire, Swype, X-Show, AutoNet Mobile, Spinnaker Software, Nexsan, Inc, CloudCrusier, Inc., StarCast, Yee Pay, GoingOn, NextLighting, Inc., VOX (Sunny) Learning, Limited, Good Technologies, XO Jet, Taking Point, Dimension X, Seagate, Bloom Energy, CelebrityApps, Seros, PixoArt, Xactly, QP Park, Inc., mPact, Propeller and VertaScale. Mr. Mandel co-founded and ran Tenex Medical Investors, which become this countries largest angel investor group for the health and life sciences. In its eight years Tenex invested in over seventy companies, a quarter of which have had liquidity events. Those companies include: Align Technologies (Visa-Line), ChemDex, TheraCyte, NeuGen, Fluidgim and Berkeley Heart Labs. Alfred has associated himself with several private equity groups and is a side-along investor with many of them, including: Beechtree Capital, Cheyenne Partners, Harmony Ventures, Cross Link Capital and a China based investment group. Alfred has business experience in many areas of technology including: semiconductor manufacturing, computer hardware and software, Internet based businesses, photovoltaic systems, solar thermal systems, LEDs, medical devices and advanced material sciences. Mr. Mandel has recently invested in several early stage companies in China. Two are in educational software and services for China’s four hundred million students. Mr. Mandel came to the Silicon Valley in the late seventies to start two ventures in renewable energy. Combining his technical background and advanced degrees in environmental sciences and energy systems, he started two solar energy companies over twenty-five years ago. He owns Isis Energy Solutions, which works with start-ups, EPC’s, and product development firms on photovoltaic, LED and energy conservation technologies and products. Alfred continues to be a proponent of sustainable energy and energy conservation and advises entrepreneurs, local governments and businesses. Mr. Mandel holds a degree in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Barbara with a minor in Physics, an MA in Environmental Design, and a Masters in Urban and Regional planning, both from the School of Architecture at the University of Oregon. While at the University of Oregon Mr. Mandel attended law school and worked as an intern for the Oregon State Legislature. He helped get passed the ‘Oregon Bottle Bill’ which allows a monetary incentive to be applied to all recyclable bottles and cans. The United States’ successful recycling programs are due in large part to the enactment of this law.